Quick Tips

Don't Take Wooden Nickels and Other Good Advice

Here are some general strategies that will help you enjoy the game, get higher scores, and impress your friends:


 Wait for the bugs to come to you:   Besides sounding all Zen-like, it turns out that the best way to smash bugs is to find a push that helps you strategically, and wait for a bug to enter the line of fire.


 Don't push chips randomly: In fact, don't push a chip AT ALL unless it fits in with a plan of aligning and combining with other chips. You can't take moves back without burning an Undo, and it's easy to get carried away trying to smash bugs. But you cannot complete a level just by smashing bugs; you must combine chips and earn execution points.


 Never create a block of four chips: The chips will become locked together and you won't be able to push them, making it very difficult or impossible to complete a level without burning a Woz Kick.


Concetrate on chips of one color: Decide to combine all of, let's say, the white chips (these have the highest point value) to make a circuit board. Then, take a vacation and study the screen for a new plan.


Take advantage of wrap-around: If a chip looks blocked, don't give up. Maybe you can move it to an advantageous position by pushing it in the opposite direction. Remember that two chips at opposite edges of the screen are actually touching each other.

This is a debatable tip... some people call it cheating. But--I use the Super Tokens. A lot. If you tap the yellow bar at the left, the Super Tokens window will open and you can select any available Undo, Magnet, Glue or WozKick tokens. You can also buy new tokens if you're out. The Undo does what it sounds like, the Magnet token merges all tokens of a given color, the Glue causes a moving chip to stick to the glue, and the WozKick blows up any chip you use it on--which is very useful for a stranded solo chip.


Nostalgic Tip From the Apple // Version:

DON'T SWITCH DISKS. YOU MUST SAVE IN-PROGRESS GAMES ON THE I. O. SILVER GAME DISK. Press the ESC key when you see "Hit ESC to save game" (at the end of a level only). Enter your name (or any word, up to eight characters), press RETURN and your game will be saved to the disk. (Be sure you have a good, DOS 3.3, non-full, non-write-protected disk in the drive, with the drive door closed. If you don't, you'll get a "Disk Error" message.) When you want to continue a saved game, choose item 4, "See Saved Games", from the main menu. Enter the letter of the game you want to play, and you will automatically enter the Arcade Workshop. That game will be deleted from the Saved Game list. Of course, you can save it again at the end of the next level.