Supported Devices

I.O. Silver is compatible with all known iOSTM* devices and should run on most AndroidTM devices, too. In addition, we have created a special build for the Kindle FireTM. Although it is our goal to be able to make those compatibility statements forever, if Apple or Google comes out with operating systems for your refrigerator we may have to back off on that a bit. That isn't as far-fetched as it sounds: Do a web search on "internet of things" and you'll see what we mean.  I was also at a conference in 2000 in which Bill Joy, one of the creators of the Java programming language, predicted our refigerators would let us know when we were running low on milk.

Who knows, we might create a version of I.O. Silver for the iFridge; it might kinda cool to be able to play I.O. Silver on a little LCD display on your refrigerator door. You never know...

*Trademark is itself not trademarked, but that day is undoubtedly coming.