The Real I.O. Silver

You don't have to be the sharpest tool in the shed to guess that this game's namesake, our professor I.O. Silver, was originally a nerdy pun. A spin on the Lone Ranger's "Hi ho, Silver", it substituted the geeky "I.O." for "Hi ho" since I/O is nerdspeak for input/output.

Imagine our surprise, then, when the internet revealed to us that there really was an individual named I.O. Silver. Fortunately, he was a really cool guy. A heart surgeon from Pennsylvania, the good Dr. Silver even has a foundation named after him.

Dr. Silver was quite the sports aficionado, too--which further endears his memory to us, anyway--having owned a minor league professional basketball team and served as team physician for several other events and clubs, too. Most importantly, though, Doc Silver's selfless service to his community inspired others to do more of the same. Check out the foundation named in his honor as well as his bio:

The I.O. Silver Foundation:

The Doc's bio:

Way to go, Dr. Silver. You get an honorary Super Computer in memoriam.