History: Not Just a Channel

The original I. O. Silver was created by Brad Wilhelmsen, an English teacher in Tokyo, Japan (now living in California). He submitted it to legendary Apple II publisher Beagle Bros, founded by Bert & Sharon Kersey in 1980. They released a DOS 3.3 version of the game in 1984. Then Beagle Bros was sold to Mark Simonsen in 1987, and the focus shifted to the TimeOut series and business-oriented products. Beagle Bros programmer Randy Brandt (AppleWorks 3-5, UltraMacros) talked to Brad about releasing a ProDOS version through his JEM Software, and Brad quickly made the necessary changes. JEM Software sold I. O. Silver from 1989 until the early 1990s, when it faded away.

Fast forward to 2012. Ross Lambert (Ariel Publishing, 8/16 Magazine), called Randy and suggested that it was time to resurrect I. O. Silver as an iOS game. Jay Jennings, a mutual friend of Ross and Randy from his Apple II days as “Mohawk Man,” (Punkware, Softdisk) was enlisted to write the code. Brad was brought aboard as a consultant--perhaps in the hopes that his adult daughters would finally believe his tales of being a legendary game creator back in the day! Steve Young, a gifted artist from the UK, agreed to update the frazzled Dr. Silver character for modern graphics displays, and we all quickly realized that the old classic was indeed worthy of a rebirth. To top it off, Mark Simonsen offered that we could resurrect the Beagle Bros name, making this the first official Beagle release in two decades!

We built the new version because we wanted to play I.O. Silver on our iOS devices ourselves. Since we are a bunch of extremely well-seasoned and experienced software engineers, we said (as we always do), "How hard can it be?"

In a word: Harder than we thought...which is more than a word, too, now that I think about it. But we did it. We hope you enjoy it so much that you sprain your finger. OK, maybe not that much. But it is addictive, and definitely not a game for wimps. 

I. O. Silver will be released for iOS in December of 2014 and will soon be available for Android devices as well. More history remains to be written--a game this great should never die!